Month: April 2016

Spending Time with Sir Winston Churchill (Part I)

I know that subject line sounds like bait, but hear me out for a second, I think you’ll enjoy this story. I take the time to share it because I am often told by people of all ages that they can’t find a way to make money doing what they love. Or they can’t find […]

Written by on April 29, 2016

YOU SHOULD SMOKE IT: Spending Time with Sir Winston Churchill (Part II)

After the cigar arrived in my office, I spent weeks re-humidifying it to the perfect humidity.  As one might guess, it had dried out significantly over the past 60+ years! In fact I had a special system built into my display case that automatically humidified the cigar, and would notify me on my cell phone […]

Written by on April 29, 2016

The Origin of Story Telling and StorySelling

If you’ve read our Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book, StorySelling, you’re sure to remember the story of Gronk. For those who don’t here’s the lowdown: Gronk is just your basic, everyday man of 15,324 BC. He love’s his wife, his kids and relaxing after a good long day of hunting. He doesn’t sound all too […]

Written by on April 25, 2016