“Please read and then implement the advice in this book immediately in your business! You have a goldmine of marketing tips here.”
– Billy Brophy

Story Selling

The Avengers was 2012’s number one worldwide box office winner – but did you know the seeds of this blockbuster movie’s success were actually planted fifty years earlier? You’ll find out how in StorySelling: Hollywood Secrets Revealed, when Emmy winner Nick Nanton and J.W. Dicks, authors of the best-selling Celebrity Branding You™, expose why Story Selling is the most powerful method of persuasion known to man – and how an entrepreneur or business owner can put it to work to create their own blockbuster success!


“I have my employees reading it next and will utilize the valuable lessons to better our company and staff.”
– Lovemybooks

Mission Driven Business

Apple. Uber. Amazon. Chipotle. Federal Express. Zappos. What do these phenomenally successful companies have in common? They’re all Mission-Driven businesses-and have been since day one of their existence. Now for the first time, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks, the Emmy Award-winning marketing masterminds who brought you The Wall Street Journal best-selling book, StorySelling, reveal the secrets behind why Mission-Driven companies stand head and shoulders above their competition-and how yours can too!


“Great book. One of the best nuggets I got was The Dynamic Website: The Keystone Branding Strategy. Helped me make a lot of business decisions that I would of went in a different direction if not for this book.”
– Edward A. Neering

Celebrity Branding You

Celebrity Branding You® laser focuses on one of the most profound yet simple business concepts that will revolutionize your business. By Celebrity Branding® yourself as the expert in your field, you are able to distinguish yourself and your business in such a way that you can eliminate any competition you may have. While prospects may shop other alternatives for your product or service, in the end the only way they can get you and your unique style and talent is to buy from you and your business.