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Emmy Award Winning Director and Host, Nick Nanton, brings heart and hope to every conversation he has.  He has helped share the behind the scenes true stories of some of the most iconic figures of our time.

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Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell
Nick Nanton sits down with Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell, a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and world authority on ADHD. A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School, he…
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Understanding ADHD (Now to Next With Dr. Edward Hallowell)

If it helps you live an extraordinary life, is it a disorder? Over the past 40 years, Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell helped thousands of adults and children live happy and productive lives through his strength-based approach to neurodiversity. He is a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and world authority on ADHD. A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School, Dr. Hallowell was a... Read more

Nick Nanton is America’s Biographer. He is the voice of a new generation.

Larry King, TV personality and host of the show Larry King Live on CNN
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From films to books to courses and speaking…everything Nick does come down to stories and the best way to share them with the world is through media.

Nick has shared his message with millions of people through his speeches, blogs, lectures, media placements and contributions to more than four dozen best-selling business and textbooks.

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We all have a story to tell... Here are a few of mine


As co-founder of the largest personal branding agency in the world, DNA: The Dicks + Nanton Agency®, representing more than 3000 clients in 60 countries around the world, I learned the art of storytelling through helping my clients tell their stories through media in order to share their unique gifts with the world.

My book StorySelling hit the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller list and is available on Audible as an audiobook. It will teach you how to tell your personal story using the same strategies Hollywood insiders use to build an unstoppable brand that makes your ideal prospects seek you out.

I’ve written several other best-sellers on concepts that can help any company– big or small. Discover how my books can help your business today.

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22-Time Emmy® Award Winning

Director / Producer / Host

I focus on the most fascinating subject in the world: PEOPLE

From the slums of Port au Prince, Haiti with special forces raiding a sex trafficking ring and freeing children; to the Virgin Galactic Space Port in Mojave with Sir Richard Branson, I am passionate about telling stories that connect.

I’ve directed more than 60 documentaries and a sold-out Broadway Show (garnering 43 Emmy nominations in multiple regional and national competitions, and 22 wins). I’ve made films and shows featuring: Larry King, Jack Nicklaus, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Dean Kamen, Lisa Nichols, Peter Diamandis and many more.

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Nick Nanton is one of my dear friends, and one of the most gifted and impressive people I have ever met.

Jay Abraham
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