Orlando Marketing and Branding Agency Signs Publishing Deal For “Celebrity Branding You™.”

Dicks Nanton Agency announces a publishing deal with Advantage Media Group to distribute the new book “Celebrity Branding You™.”


Orlando, Fla. – April 17, 2008- Advantage Media Group, a Charleston, S.C. based publishing company specializing in distributing business authors, has recently signed a deal to publish the new and highly anticipated book “Celebrity Branding You™,” by authors JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq. of the Dicks Nanton Agency. The new book outlines a “revolutionary system for entrepreneurs and professionals to become the go-to expert, dominate your field and eliminate the competition.”

“Advantage Media is the best in the business at helping authors and experts get their message into the hands of consumers. They were the obvious choice in a sea of cluttered publishers who are still stuck in the dark ages of publishing books and losing market share. We’re excited about working with Adam Witty and his team and look forward to great success,” Managing Partner Nick Nanton, Esq. said.

Adam Witty of Advantage Media Group said, “We are excited to sign Nick Nanton and JW Dicks. As a leading publisher of business, motivation and self-help books, “Celebrity Branding You™” brings to the table a poignant topic and subject matter that needs to be addressed. This is an exciting book that empowers individuals with the tools they need to take their business (and persona) to the next level!”

The new book will be available at bookstores nationwide. A preview of the first chapter of the book is now available to download at http://www.celebritybrandingyou.com.

About Dicks Nanton Agency:Dicks Nanton Agency LLC is a marketing, media and branding agency that specializes in Celebrity Branding™ entrepreneurs and professionals as experts in their field of business and helps them expand nationwide. JW Dicks, Esq. & Nick Nanton, Esq., attorneys by trade and entrepreneurs by choice, focus on helping their clients expand and make more money using specific proprietary systems including Franchises, Exclusive Marketing Licenses™, Online Marketing Platforms™ and other creative business strategies. For more information about Dicks Nanton Agency LLC visit www.dicksnantonagency.com.

About Advantage Media Group:

Advantage Media Group (www.amglive.com) is a pioneer of digital print, author owned publishing. Much more than just books, Advantage Media Group provides authors a full range of services and expertise; including book publishing, distribution/fulfillment, audio/video production, marketing/media support and more. Advantage is the premier author-centric publisher, delivering authors the quality, speed, and efficiency needed to sell their books and media products worldwide. Advantage Media Group is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, and a proud member of the Advantage family.