chris hurn

I’ve been through 7 web developers over the years, and I quite honestly have never had someone so reliable as Lindsay and Nick. In my local MasterMind Group, the biggest issue we had for well over a year was finding quality website developers. Now, about 5 or 6 of the people in my group use Lindsay and Nick and hardly anyone else ever complains about websites anymore. I used to have a staff member do the things they’re doing (or at least, so I thought)… trouble is, she NEVER did them as well as Lindsay and Nick and I paid her MORE than I pay them. We’re very well placed now for all of our key search terms — I think we have 6 or 7 webpages in the top ten on Google’s first page for those terms. They might not be the cheapest around, but NO ONE else has turned things around faster or monetized our investment better than they have. Don’t worry about Nick’s role and him being a lawyer – he’s a unique individual, a true entrepreneur that has his hand in many things. Very few of my vendors I make glowing statements about… but for these two, I’d make my endorsement nuclear! You’d be truly silly to try anyone else. Normally website developers are either coders (technicians with no understanding of marketing) or marketers (with no understanding of technical issues that help online marketing), but never both – these two are the first I’ve ever found that are BOTH. Just trust me on this.

Chris Hurn, CEO
Mercantile Commercial Capital